Recent Website Designs

You must have a web presence if you have any kind of business. Customers in many cases use websites to vet companies they are thinking of buying from of retaining services of. Having an up to date website is an essential marketing tool in todays world. I truly enjoy the intricacies inherent in undertaking any website design.

I do my best to provide a clean design that allows my clients product or service to shine through.

An innovative new online business that is lowering the barrier of entry for new real-estate investors. I work very closely with this company because I believe in what they are doing.

A wonderful team of people from the Office Manager to the Sales Team on up. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with a business that has such a high regard for each of their customers.

A wonderful non-profit here in Dallas, TX that works hard at providing opportunities for young people living below the poverty level. Great Team! Great Leadership! Plus I had a lot of fun with the donors page.

Best photographer I know. Also happened to be married to him. This is in the process of a re-design to be launched in August 2019.

What I love best about this company is they take great care of their employees and are incredibly family oriented. Always a pleasure to do business with Eric Lanier and his team at Summit Safety Shoes.